Sweet Potato Patties; Puppies and Hairs — 8 Comments

  1. Love the story Katie. The local new Zealand sweet potato is called kumara . It is an important part of the traditional NZ roast dinner. Roast lamb, roast pumpkin, roast Kundera, roast potatoes and peas. With gravy made from the meat drippings
    The root vege usually roasted along with the meat. Sunday lunch. For years it was the only way we ate sweet potatoes. These patties of yours sound excellent

  2. Ham and sweet potatoes, oh yes!!! I never thought about sweet potato patties and will be trying that. We had a large ham over the holidays also, which meant ham and eggs later, navy bean soup with ham and fried ham sandwiches. I was in hog heaven and bet you were too with your ham!
    Wild hair up their ass or not, I’m sure your “babes” were just missbehavin’ like puppies do best and showing off for their “mama,” or seeing what they can get away with. I just cleaned up cat yak 3 times this morning off of carpeting. Sometimes I consider holding the door open and encouraging them to go on out, and then get a puppy again…

  3. You have to deal with quite different things to me but it all equals the same pesty canine behaviour. I take the dogs at lunchtime each day to a big oval and they do go off lead but if any poor unsuspecting person or persons decides to have a picnic or bbq then they will get the Cocopop joining them whether they want her or not. The same goes for anyone that might have a tennis ball as she will want to play and will comandeer the ball. All the calling, shouting and offering of treats is a fruitless exercise. She thinks the point of our trip to the park is purely to seek out dietary supplements and is probably the only known dog that puts on weight whilst on a walk.

  4. You might try leashing just one of them – when I had two, they would take off together, unless one was leashed. Then the other one came along peacefully… just sayin’…

  5. The eternal struggle in my home. I like sweet potatoes and my husband is a white potato guy. I wonder how he would feel about these cakes. I know I would like to eat them right about now. BTW, that is some impressive ham. I think it could attract distracted dogs and several other two-legged and four-legged creatures around.
    Be glad it was just a bunny. When I had a dog one evening she could not resist breaking away from her leash and going in for the kill with a skunk in the yard.

  6. I don’t think we’d have sweet potatoes left over. I may have to bake sweet potatoes just to try these fritters. (We usually cube sweet potatoes and oven-roast them with a little olive oil until they have caramelized. We serve them as a garnish with Jamaican-style stew, a green vegetable and rice.)
    Your ham looks beautiful!

  7. Val, they keep me on my toes….
    Gilli, when I was a child we only ever had them baked in their skins – but didn’t eat the skins, of course LOL Your Sunday Roast sounds fantastic!
    Pam, they are always showing off… clowns! I love ham… wish I could get it more often but it’s a special Christmas order from the U.K. for us.
    manningroad, she is joined in the weight gain by my two. The only way I keep their attention is to constantly toss treats around for them to fetch. Maybe, some day…. They’re always starving!
    Zoomie, they’re leashed on the morning and evening walks, but the noon walk is supposed to be more of a training exercise…. They have to learn some day – or I have to….
    Rachel, we don’t have skunks, thankfully…. We had lots where I grew up – I remember them well ;-)) It was a wonderful ham.
    Elizabeth, I don’t often buy them because they are soooo big. I like oven fries…. and fried and any old way….