Browned Shallots with Beet Salad and Chevre; the update — 6 Comments

  1. Why would you need a new door? I think just nail it shut – you know the cat door part … 😉 Like the two blues a lot … unclouded works in my books.
    LOVE beets and goat cheese, put them together all the time.

  2. Progress! I actually love the doe with the cat hole. If you replace it, perhaps you can keep it in the barn as a memento of how rough the house used to be?

  3. Wallpaper, painting, changing light bulbs….all stuff I am really too short to be any good at.
    Which is good…cause I dislike all of them!
    Goats cheese and…well, anything. Yup.
    But I do especially love it with roasted beets.

  4. Looks soooooo good – I too adore beetroot & goat’s cheese. Have bookmarked to try this.
    Cheers and happy renovating.

  5. Tanna, and outside the door are the most decrepit stairs – that we use all the time…. scary.
    Zoomie, I rather like it too – we’ll find a use.
    manningroad, thanks…. it’s just best if I stay out of the way.
    Cindy, woman after my own heart.
    Carolyn, hope you like it!