Cauliflower, Cheese and Egg Casserole; The Bunny Slayer — 9 Comments

  1. Awww, and she looks so innocent! My MIL saw one in the garage one day and tried to shoo it out with a broom. She must’ve been stronger than she thought, as she killed it. And she never went after another one, ever.

  2. The casserole looks ideal since we’re having a bizarre episode of cold weather here (any weather under 70F should be considered a health hazard to me these days). Now I’m hungry and need to stock up for the bone-chilling 60F we’ll get tomorrow.
    Your husband is very right to want chickens. Although you live in a place where egg quality is higher than where I live, chickens are an easy addition to a smallholding. It does sound like he’ll want to build a coop suitable to withstand the dogs’ attention.
    I hope I don’t dream of bunny screams.

  3. No chickens !! They won’t lay under constant canine surveillance – I have tried it !! Silly chooks kept flying out of coop into dog’s mouths !!!!

  4. I’m big into cauliflower right now and this looks really fab. I can’t fault you for reading blog recipes and then making them your own, I’m sure that’s the way I cook often these days.
    Chickens … I think the man has lost his mind … maybe he’s just pulling your leg.

  5. Pam, I’m convinced they can die of fright. I have no idea if this one survived or not.
    Val, as with most of these tales – funny, after the fact LOL
    Dan, and the attention of the fox. Then he has to commit to being willing to butcher and clean….. Don’t hold your breath….
    manningroad, good advice! Thanks! Besides, I don’t need more things to take care of (that he says he’ll take care of)
    Jeanne, I think he thinks he does…. LOL
    Zoomie, the stuff nightmares come from!
    Penny, poor bunny, indeed!
    Tanna, I’m into cauliflower, too. It’s nice to actually be able to buy some veg rather than just eat from the garden…. No chickens!