Drowned Veal — 5 Comments

  1. Mmm, I have this cookbook and I can’t recall ever cooking anything from it. The veal looks really good.
    Cabin fever comes in many flavors doesn’t it – my worst is August when it’s too hot to move outdoors at any hour of the day but I can understand rain would have that effect.

  2. Drunken “anything” appeals to me but our weather is just too hot to contemplate heating up the kitchen and eating anything but salad !! Rien de special happens here too due to the heat !!

  3. One of my favorite dishes with a great name is Alton Brown’s rendition of “Ants in Trees’-Easy, Tastes great and fun to tell DH what we are having for dinner!!!
    Dianne-Who is bored by being snowbound….

  4. Definitely, “drowned veal” and “drunken pork” sound much more thrilling than “braised…”.
    One of our favourite dishes from a now sadly closed restaurant called The Saigon Star was “drunken crab”. I don’t remember whether there was any alcohol involved, although it wouldn’t surprise me. There was a colossal amount of butter. It was wonderful.
    This drowned veal looks brilliant. Alas, veal is insanely expensive here. But I bet this would work really well with pork cutlets.

  5. Tanna, reverse cabin fever…. never experienced that kind but I can imagine.
    manningroad, as we sit in front of the fire…..
    Dianne, I have to google that -. Love Alton Brown!
    Elizabeth, it would be good with pork. Lucky for us, veal is not expensive here…