Feta, Walnuts and Spinach… Oh My! BB Babes do Assyrian Pies

The Bread Baking Babes are 5!!!!!

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

All those lovely breads…..

To celebrate our international group with her usual style, Tanna, of My Kitchen in Half Cups, our host kitchen this month, decided on this wonderful, international bread: Assyrian Spinach Pies, stuffed with spinach, feta cheese, walnuts and pomegranate.

Hungry yet?

You should be – don’t they look delicious?

After you have a look at them all, and wipe the drool off of your keyboard, head on over to My Kitchen in Half Cups for the recipe and details on how to be Bread Baking Buddy this month.


Tanna’s Pies


Jamie’s Pies


Heather’s Pies


Ilva’s (Sweetie) Pies


Karen’s Pies

Karen Bread

Elizabeth’s Pies


Lien’s Pies


Natashya’s Pies


Elle’s Pies


 Happy Anniversary Everyone!!!!!

And the Babes are:

 The Bread Baking Babes

Bake My Day – Karen
blog from OUR kitchen – Elizabeth
Feeding My Enthusiasms – Elle
girlichef – Heather
Life’s a Feast – Jamie
Living in the Kitchen with Puppies – Natashya
Lucullian Delights – Ilva
My Kitchen In Half Cups – Tanna
Notitie Van Lien – Lien
Paulchens FoodBlog – Astrid
Provecho Peru – Gretchen

From the BBBBB (Bitchin’ Bread Baking Babe Bibliothécaire).

7 thoughts on “Feta, Walnuts and Spinach… Oh My! BB Babes do Assyrian Pies”

  1. Really you still have nightmares about that crock … you know what they say when you fall off a horse, would that hold for wrestling a crock? Maybe a spinach pie would erase the nightmares … Thanks again Katie. You always make us look soooo good.

  2. Tanna is right about one thing, Katie. You do make us look good!
    Tanna, I thought I had finally put away all my fears of the croc but now that you bring it up again, I’m going to have difficulty sleeping tonight. Or maybe I should take your advice and have a spinach pie to erase the nightmare.

  3. You are so welcome, Lien…
    Tanna, a spinach pie might just be just the thing.
    Val, it is, isn’t it…. thanks.
    Elizabeth, you should fear the croc….
    Tanna, I’ll accept the blame

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