Hungarian-Style Pork Chops; Inventory? — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not sure that’s just France. It’s probably more global than we realize, people are people. I’ll settle for the pork chops please.

  2. I know the frustration when you have travelled a distance to purchase a particular item, to find it is out of stock or discontinued. Add to that stores that close for lunch just as you get there, particularly if there is no suitable restaurant close by for lunch!! Last year we battled to find the insulation for water pipes – no one has it in August and September. Do you know the state of progress with Bordeaux Ikea?
    Your blog is helping to keep me sane as I recover from major back surgery. I am not used to not doing anything but I am determined to be fit by mid June when we return to the Dordogne.Thanks

  3. Katie,
    FIFO and LILO are the same. What you’re looking for is LIFO.
    Chops look good.
    Where are you moving to next, once this house is finished? 🙂
    Chuck, the former LIFO accountant. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Pam…
    Tanna, very true – and the chops were very good LOL
    manningroad, at least it was a nice day.
    Gill, ooh, back surgery – Good Luck! We haven’t been in IKEA since before Christmas, but it looked like the construction was done when we were at the Leroy Merlin next door. Of course you can’t find insulation in the summer…. or lawn mower parts sin winter LOL. Very frustrating but we’re getting used to it – and the lunch closings…..
    Chuck, LIFO! I knew I was missing something…, Thanks! (although that one never made sense to me either LOL)
    Val, yeah, a whole day of shopping for 6 cans of stain ;-))
    Thanks, Joey, me too!