Noodles with Beef and Savoy Cabbage; No mail on Saturday?!? — 7 Comments

  1. This dish does sound like comfort food. As far back as I can remember, here in Canada the mail has never been delivered on Saturday. I do remember when stores were all closed on Sunday as well, which is no longer the case.

  2. Actually, the post office will still deliver packages on Saturday, but no long deliver regular mail. It makes me sad that the internet has taken yet again, another symbol of my fading youth and tossed it aside.
    Thanks for the recipe! This is the simple kind of comfort food I love.

  3. My mother would have made the above recipe in an electric frypan and called it Ky See Ming !! She probably would have added tinned pineapple and sultanas – YUK !! I do not ever recall any Saturday mail deliveries here in Australia except in the 2 weeks leading up to Xmas. When I was a child our library books came from a city library, chosen by a librarian based on our reading ages and sent by train wrapped in brown paper !! We collected the parcel from the local station !!

  4. In Hawaii where we live, we must drive to the Contract Post Office which has strange hours and fairly nasty people working for minimum wage. I doubt missing Saturday will be noticed by most. Comfort food always wins over the mail.

  5. Val, we still have most of our local stores closed on Sunday – some of the supermarkets are open in the morning.
    Theo, time moves awfully fast these days LOL
    manningroad, electric frying pans – I remember those! We had a library van that came around in Ireland…
    Phoenicia, I remember that post office – not the people, though LOL

  6. I wanted to come back and say that I made this the other day. Though it was quite tasty, the whole milk yogurt I used separated. There wasn’t much liquid at all in the pan and I turned the heat off before adding it, but it just didn’t want to stay creamy. Is there a difference in using the Greek yogurt as opposed to the whole milk?

  7. Theo, There is a difference…. I used to use regular yogurt but switched to Greek yogurt for most things.
    Greek yogurt has less of a tendency to split or curdle – which regular yogurt likes to do, especially when added to tomato-based sauces. One way to help prevent that is to thicken the sauce. If you had added 1 – 2 tsp of cornstarch dissolved in a bit of water or stock first, to make the sauce very thick, the yogurt would have just thinned it, rather than make it runny.