Stuffed Mini MeatLoaf; Horse, anyone? — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for clarifying that, Kate. I remember my grandmother, and even my mother, talking about eating horse during WWII – different reasons, different times. Good to have a clearer picture of the brouhaha!

  2. Linda, I can buy it at the supermarket…. Well, I could if I wanted to….
    manningroad, we have, not intentionally..
    Margarita, you’re welcome. There were herds of food horses all over Andorra.

  3. I love most animals and only reluctantly eat them, and not that often; usually if it is a chicken I will eat it, beef, Ok although rarely, but a horse, never; I did taste it while living in France and did not find the experience all that fascinating. prefer other meats, horses are beautiful, sensitivie creatures.