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Abandoned dog update — 4 Comments

  1. I’m so pleased! When I had two dogs, they once went walkabout together and they could not find their way home. Plus, Chica would never let anyone catch her, so they were hard to recover. Only when Tillie ran out of energy two days later and came to a house to be fed (any house would do!), would kind people be able to read the info on her collar and call me. When I arrived, Chica would bound happily over to me, relieved to be reunited. If I always had one on a leash, neither would leave home, but when they got out together….

  2. I am so pleased the story had a happy ending. I do miss not having a dog in the home but it is not feasible with our current lifestyle. There are so many strays i would love to give a home to.

  3. Zoomie, I keep names on mine as well as having them chipped in case they meander off. The chips are only good if you can get them to a vet to be read.
    Gill, one of our last dogs was abandoned. Yes, it’s so sad to see them.
    manningorad, it is here, too – but the local farmers ignore it – don’t want to spend the money… And, as I said, the chips can only be read by the vet during business hours. It’s just a different mindset!