Beet Cakes with Goat Cheese and Spinach; the update — 7 Comments

  1. My question is what is a “potager?” I am sure I will look it up on Google. Also playing with beets is a very good activity for these inbetween seasons.

  2. I love beet cakes like this! We had some that were similar just the other night. (We separated the eggs and folded whipped egg whites in at the last minute to make the cakes really light.) But we didn’t add horseradish. And we didn’t top them with goats cheese. What great ideas!
    Your parsley roots look like horseradish!
    How old is that knife that you found? It looks almost prehistoric.

  3. Interesting to be an archaeologist in one’s own back yard. That rusty blade looks like something a Neanderthal might have dropped. 🙂

  4. Hey Bellini – I’m from Quebec ( the poor man’s France ) where I try to blend in as a fluent French resident – despite being from England. Potager is a kitchen garden (I have two areas I like to dig in). I look out over from my kitchen window – right now it’s buried in snow – but once that’s gone – I grow herbs / rhubarb / weeds / and other experimental things that I hope to make a meal out of 🙂 I’m like Katie getting anxious for summertime to yield yummy things to cook with!!
    Psst Katie – I actually found a man’s gold ring (crunched mind you) in my potager many years ago – still have it – waiting for gold to become more valuable. Also, like you, nails from roofing and other little weird things.

  5. Val, what Anna says…. I’ve lived here long enough my words get mixed LOL
    Anna, I could do with finding a gold ring – better than old toothpaste tubes and big knives.
    Elizabeth, what a good idea. Know idea how long the knife was in the ground – it was very crusty and thick. I gave it to mon mari LOL
    manningord, I don’t like hot but I love horseradish. For some reason, I can eat that.
    Tanna, always a mystery – every time I hoe I wonder LOL
    Zoomie, it is interesting. I wish all the little stuff could tell me about themselves.