Chicken-Baked Pork Chops; the update — 6 Comments

  1. That floor is gorgeous! Next time, I’m not doing carpet. I don’t care what the DH says. I have some hardwood flooring and love it. I love my tile floors too. Much easier to care for overall than carpeting is.
    And the pork chops are making my mouth water. I’ll have to make them this next week.

  2. “It’s Shake and Bake! … and Ah Helped!”
    One of my favorite ways to do pork chops …
    What about the lost dogs? I find myself fretting about them from half a world away …

  3. Lovely floor and, you’re right, they don’t have to match! In fact, it’s far more interesting and fun if they don’t. Pork chops look good enough to eat. 🙂

  4. I’ve heard of chicken-fried steak. And chicken-fried chops. But not chicken-baked chops. Until now. They look fabulous. No wonder ton marie was pleased.

  5. Theo, I did white carpeting once (not my choice, realtor said it had to be done to sell the house) I lived with it for 3 weeks and swore I’d never have carpet again~
    Charlotte, I’d forgotten – now that ‘ah hepped’ is going to be stuck in my head…. ‘-)) Dogs were returned to the farmer after 4 days….
    Zoomie, I like this color better…. Pork chops were a keeper!
    Val, thanks….
    Elizabeth, I can get a little looney when it comes to the names LOL