Food Secrets; Bonnie and Guapa do Lunch — 12 Comments

  1. How could you deny those poor puppies, with their big, mournful, h-u-n-g-r-y eyes a morsel?
    I know, I know. I have a dog.
    Great pictures!

  2. Great post, puppies. You too Katie ;o)
    Rutabagas. What would a traditional pasty be without them? And turnips (or neeps) Alas, my family won’t eat either.
    A side note here, my in-laws make fabulous sauerkraut. Consequently, we eat a lot of it to the point where, no matter how much I rinse the store bought, when we’re out of the homemade, they know.

  3. They are beautiful dogs – I love the intensity with which they watch him eat. I’m surprised you don’t have to clean up drool pools after his lunch. 🙂

  4. Choucroute garni isn’t worthy of posting?? I beg to differ. When my husband came back from bicycle touring in the Alsace with his dad, he raved about choucroute garni. I kept saying no. He continued to rave. Louder NOs accompanied by “I’m not wild about sausage and I can’t stand sauerkraut” were met with more raving.
    I finally gave in, with the stipulation that the sausages had to be really really good sausages.
    And it turns out that even I like Choucroute garni. Maybe not quite as much as my husband does, but I do like it quite a lot. For the sauerkraut, we alternate between buying it from one of the Polish delis that are an easy bicycle ride away OR salting shredded cabbage a day before making choucroute garni and using that.
    I LOVE rutabaga – boiled and mashed with a little butter and nutmeg! But oddly, we haven’t had it in years. I see rutabagas from time to time but those little actual turnips nearby usually trump the rutabagas.
    My secret food love, that I’ll never post about because it’s too embarrassing (please don’t tell anyone!!), is Velveeta cheese. I know. It’s probably not even labelled cheese; it is probably called “cheese product”. But I adore it. We never buy it. But when we visit my father-in-law, it is the first thing I go to get in his fridge that is always full of the most fabulous cheeses (Emmenthal, Roquefort, Parmaggiana, Well-aged Cheddar, Gouda, Ash-covered goats’ cheese, etc. etc.). As much as I adore all those other kinds of real cheese, I cannot stop myself from taking several slices of fake processed Velveeta cheese.

  5. Karen, they are always, always starving!
    Susan, we’re getting hardened LOL
    Val, I’ll pass on the kind words…
    Phoenicia, I’ll give them a cuddle for you.
    Theo, I kind of forget about it, as I have to get it at the counter… lines, waiting and all, but I love it. Lucky you. And you get to eat all the rutabagas!
    Tanna, they’re learning… slowly
    Zoomie, I didn’t tale a photo of those LOL
    Meredith, they’re all alike – beggars 😉
    Pam, actually, the hubs gives them the crusts….
    manningroad, they do breakfast and lunch with the hubs. Dinner (with me) the go to their beds….
    Elizabeth, I didn’t post because there’s no recipe – or at least, not much of one. As to the Velveeta – it makes the best grilled cheese in the world. I would never, ever, ever buy it…. but I’ll eat it every chance I get LOL