Lentils with Feta and Olives; planning an herb garden — 8 Comments

  1. Oh – happy dance – I already have all those planted! Well except for parsley which tends to bold in Dallas long before you get more than a pinch off it and summer savory which I’ve just never used … and well mint because it escaped the pot the first year I had it and now it just pops up where ever I leave it.
    Nice looking lentil dish and I do love lentils!

  2. I think I could say the same thing about garlic chives as you do about mint. That stuff goes crazy and totally took over my herb bed.

  3. My mint strangled a banana. Now the drought killed the mint. Love your old garden too.

  4. Indeed, mint can easily take over. I am with you on the herb garden. Nothing like freshly picked herbs to flavor your dishes. My “problem” with store-bought or market-bought herbs is that you get a whole bunch and end up wasting quite a bit. I don’t have that problem anymore. I even do things like set aside parsley stems and use them in cooking beans or broth/stock. And you are right, time to bring some lentils on the table.

  5. Completely enjoyed your writing and post. I do use lentils but not as often as I like to. It’s time to spruce up and make some for spring, Thanks for the inspirational salad. I wish I could have a vegetable garden all the critters and deer feast on everything here.

  6. Tanna, I planted mint outside the fence – in the lawn so I can keep it down with the mower LOL
    Linda, the mint was terrible in my herb garden – grew through the black plastic under the rocks!
    Pam, my garlic chives have never spread – must be a different kind…
    Phoenicia, I couldn’t get anything to kill the mint… hopefully the mower will keep it in check.
    Kate, I do too….
    Simona, I rarely buy them – they never are as nice inside the pack as they appear before it’s opened.
    foodwanderings, thank so much! I just have the bunnies into everything. The deer only bother the neighbors (so far)