Moroccan Turkey Stir-Fry on Barley; Social Media — 10 Comments

  1. Risotto with nice, fresh spring veggies (asparagus, for example) is another good meal for the cusp between winter and spring. Still warm and comforting, but fresh, too. I use lemon juice instead of wine in spring risottos, just to freshen the flavors.

  2. As to your question, I use FB to keep track of far-away friends, and I belong to Twitter and Pinterest but almost never look at them. To keep FB manageable, don’t “friend” too many people, only those you truly want to hear from, and don’t hesitate to hide posts from ones you wish you hadn’t friended. For example, one friend of mine used FB to post lots of religious messages and proselytizing is one of my pet peeves, so I “hid” that person’s posts and they don’t know they are hidden (no hurt feelings) but I don’t have to read unwelcome religious (or political, or business) messages.
    When I read comments from people that they are exhausted just trying to get thru all the FB posts in a day, I check to see how many “friends” they have. 350 “friends” is just unrealistic, in my view. It’s your time, it should be fun, not a chore.

  3. I love Twitter, I can check in every so often and catch up on things. I hate Facebook and only have it because there are some things I want to see that I can’t if I don’t have Facebook. I have all of my settings to as much privacy as possible and it’s still not enough. I HATE Google+ because their mission in life is to expose you to everything in the world which means you are required to give them your real name. In my case, I have a stalker ex and don’t put my real name on much at all, but do you think I can get them to understand why I don’t want to be exposed? And I don’t do Pinterest because it’s a huge time suck and I could look at all the pictures for hours. So I avoid it. And there you have it.
    And I’m with you. I’m really in the mood for something grilled. Of course for me, it would be the DH standing in three feet of snow so…

  4. Jealous. New England is a frozen tundra but much brighter sun.
    Love Twitter, like news on FB, look at Pinterest monthly or so.
    Have always loved reading, writing, staying in contact before Internet.
    Social media is easier

  5. Yes, stir fries are my friends. So is couscous but I bet barley works really well too.
    Your plum trees are blossoming? Your tulips are peeking through. I am utterly despondent. I drove for two hours with a snow squall surrounding me the whole time. The radio mocked me by giving frequent weather reports, saying that it was cloudy with a chance of light flurries.
    I wander aimlessly on the internet and FB. Sometimes I’m in Google+. I refuse to Twitter. I’m already enough of a twit. Sometimes I leave the computer and (gasp) read a book.

  6. I do not Tweet, rarely use Facebook and have a single Pinterest board. I use Google when and if I have the time to research holidays or recipes but that is the end of it for me.

  7. Took the easy way with our stir fry last night & used a pack of ready prepared veg from Woolies (our equivalent 0f the UK M&S ). I could cope with cooking it with my husband lifting the pan for me and getting out the ingredients beyond my reach. The cherry on the top was being able to sit down for a meal again and it was warm enough to sit outside in our courtyard.
    I find that email and Skype fill my requirements for contact with friends and family. I find it very sad when you go out and you see a young couple walking together or a group having a meal together but they are all intent on their mobile phones and not interacting with the people they are actually with!!! It is almost as though they have lost the ability to do so.

  8. I can’t wait until I see dirt! We just got another 10″ snow a couple of days ago, and I want to grill! Restless is not the work that comes to mind!!! A couple of social media sites are addictive unfortunately.

  9. Val, the dogs are getting restless, too. Sunshine and dry weather. LOL
    Zoomie, lemon juice…. what a good idea! And yes, the asparagus should be coming soon…. I hope! We’re supposed to look at ALL the posts?!? LOL
    Theo, it’s all time consuming…. Just figuring our what has value is the challenge for me.
    Linda, it is easier… but if you add them all up it’s a lot of time. Need a plan!
    Elizabeth, I read every day – I need my fix! The rest…. I dabble but need a plan to make it useful. I remember getting 2 feet of partly cloudy when I lived in MN.
    manningroad, a much better approach….
    Gil, I look forward to my time away from it all. I refuse to use my phone for any social media LOL You got to sit outside?!? Lucky you!
    Pam, mon mari has to repair the grill first. Must start nagging! LOL