Risotto con Fagioli; Ham and White Bean Risotto — 5 Comments

  1. I’m doing a “Chinese” risotto tonight — leftover chicken, shitakes, and spinach with garlic/ginger/chiles — Himself has been hunting for shed elk antlers all day, and seems like a nice hot bowl of risotto would be just the ticket.

  2. Mmmmm, I’m always ready for a risotto!!! I must have some Asian genes (because of the rice, not the way to cook it) I love the risottos texture… delicious 😀
    Your Mari is so lucky to have you as the official Chef at the house ;D
    Muchos besos!

  3. I love risotto too. My personal favourite is mushroom (rehydrated dried portobellos) risotto. But it looks like this ham and white bean risotto would run a close second. It sounds fabulous.

  4. Susan, I love risottos LOL
    Charlotte, Chinese risotto…. hmmmm. That sounds really good. Do you use cheese in it?
    Nuria, I’m always ready for it too – rich and cream. Abrazos!
    Elizabeth, I think I’ll do mushroom next…. Good call.