Barbecued Chicken Thighs; tech stuff — 3 Comments

  1. Kate, I checked your updated site with iPhone and iPad and they look fine. I use NetNewsWire on the iMac to read your posts, and that …wp-rss2.php feed also works fine. Good job — holiday in Antibes for you!

  2. Ooooooh, I. Want. That. Chicken!

    We WERE going to barbecue last night. The weather office claimed that it was going to be sunny and around 20 all day with rain coming in the late evening.

    Clearly, our idea of “late evening” and the weather office’s idea of “late evening” differ drastically. The clouds rolled in around 17:00; the temperature dropped to around 15. We decided we could still barbecue.

    At around 18:00, it started pouring. We turned on the oven.

  3. Thanks, Dan… nice to know it’s working. I get so involved in the details I forget to look at the whole.

    Elizabeth, much the same as our weather has been lately…. except for the sunny start. We seem to be missing that.