It worked…. mostly — 5 Comments

  1. Now you’re going to have to write a tutorial for the rest of us! I’ve been holding on to my own domain name for years and haven’t had the courage to try the move from Blogger.

  2. Clever girl. Gosh that’s a few blogs you have posted Katie. I’ve only done about 600
    Do you realise that we have been friends for about 6 years, but haven’t met. Isn’t the Internet wonderful. Love your blog

  3. My favourite movie!! And the task that you have just undertaken: “inconceivable!”

    Well done, Katie! It looks good.

    I have only one question. Is your RSS feed address the same, or has that changed as well?

  4. Tanna, Boy, do I understand that! NOW…. Too late to give up I’m afraid….

    Christine, there is a lot of info out there… I think you would find it a lot easier to move from Blogger.

    Gilli, isn’t that amazing! 6 years – it truly is wonderful. One of these days I’m going to come visit and go boating LOL

    Elizabeth, they’ve changed – see the next post. When I changed the domaine name, years ago, TypePad didn’t update the feeds. So, It’d done now LOL