Pasta with Yellow Tomatoes and Red Peppers; spring — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for this taste of spring as I patiently (ahem) wait for this one to arrive. I grew up on the northern Iowa side of Minnesota, along the Des Moines river…by the side of which we would play all summer long. But not in the spring, when it was swollen and running fast…

  2. We are lucky we have such childhood memories – the word “reckless” barely exists for kids these days, especially those growing up in cities !!

  3. I hope the picture you painted of that bluff behind your house looked as good as the picture I saw in my mind reading your words.

  4. Meredith, we got regular flooding as well – that’s why we went up in the bluffs LOL
    manningroad, we really are lucky. I don’t think it’s very possible any longer.
    Val, it’s nice to have them – almost gone, now…
    Phoenicia, if only I had the time…. maybe this summer