Pork Chops with Maple Syrup and Mustard; the Hostess Gift — 6 Comments

  1. I would have given one of the three you mentioned, or offered to bring something to the meal (hostess’s choice) if dining with good friends. However, sometimes, if I know something about a particular person, I can deviate from that. For example, my friend Sunny was having a dinner party later in the week and I had found a particularly delicious marinated meat. I brought it to her (vacuum sealed) so she could serve it at the dinner party or freeze it for later if she decided to serve something else. She actually hugged it and said, “Now, that’s a love gift!”

  2. Katie I’m with Zoomie…always bring wine, or contribute to the meal…or flowers at the very least. I also, ask if they would like their wine served with the dinner meal – so I give them the option. I would never never go home with a gift I have given!
    You just can’t beat real Canadian Maple Syrup…so scrumptious.

  3. Go home with a gift we’ve brought?! Never. Do people really do that?
    We usually bring wine. We don’t expect to drink it but don’t mind if our hosts open it. We have also been known to bring bread – and again, we don’t expect to eat it and always give instructions for how to rejuvenate it the next day.
    As for maple syrup, here we are in the land of maple syrup (I know people are harvesting it right now) and we rarely buy it. We really should though. I was recently served the most brilliant maple walnut scones. And now there are your pork chops too.

  4. Val, how fun – and sweet….
    manningroad, I surely never do!
    Zoomie, it’s fun when we can find the right thing for a friend, isn’t it!
    Ina, I love maple syrup – now I want pancakes!
    Elizabeth, you can bring me bread any day. We can make French toast and have maple syrup on it!

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