Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Chives and Green Garlic; the update — 3 Comments

  1. Have you ever considered burying the fence by about 6 inches?? I was the only thing that kept out ‘critters’ in our garden. BUT it was a lot of work. It did last for years…..and we were bothered by bunnys and groundhogs.

  2. You may want to plant some marigolds around the edge of your garden. I don’t know why, but almost all critters hate them. Plus, after the first year, you just dry out the deadheads and you’ve got free seeds forever.

  3. Dianne, I know we should, but we’ve had luck with just having the boards around the bottom…. and it’s easier to winterize and roto-til without a permanent fence. We take it down in the fall.

    Jeri, I tried that in MN – they ate the marigolds (or the squirrels did) I’ve heard the same about catnip – that didn’t work either… they ate it. My mother swore by blood meal but the dogs would love that…. We’ll suffer with the occasional incursion and the fence. Oh yes, supposedly onions keep them out – I’ve surrounded the potager with onions….. No joy.