What can I say?

This blog may be / will be unavailable for a day or two.

My week:

First the freezer on our fridge-freezer quit working.  

No problem, I turned the vegetable freezer back on and moved everything while we wait for either the repairman or a new fridge-freezer.

Then I had went to the dentist.

Minor problem, fixed quickly and I got my teeth cleaned.  Still, it WAS the dentist.

Then the washing machine broke.

Mon mari was able to fix it the next day – we hope.

Then Google Adsense disabled my account. !!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

To the best of my knowledge I have done absolutley nothing to violate any of their policies and they won't tell me what they suspect me of doing wrong.  

I just have to figure it out and fix it or they keep the money they owe me.  

They will be keeping the money that they owe me.

The old: Well if you don't know I'm certainly not going to tell you.

Me v Google – who do you think will win that one?  

I know there are many other bloggers that this happened to this week.  

No comfort at all.

Next, I found a HUGE, HUGE spider in the bathtub yesterday morning – while I was brushing my teeth. 

Yes, mon mari dispatched it. I did not ask for details.

Finally, this morning…. I keep 'outdoor shoes' in the barn. It's wet in the morning when I walk the dogs – and muddy.

This morning there was a dead rat on my shoes.

Mon mari dispatched that as well.

After that week I am going to do the only logical thing: Bury my head in technical stuff that I don't understand.  I'm going to be doing much-needed maintenance, cleaning, whatever on this blog.  It's been sadly neglected and now will get my undivided attention. I need to do something that I might have just the tiniest bit of control over.

As soon as I get another cup of coffee.

I'll be back (I hope) for the next regularly scheduled post.


I'm moving the blog – I hope the feeds will work, and the email.  The name will stay the same, but if I get lost you may have to search for me.

Please don't lose me…. Sigh…

That would just be too much. LOL

8 thoughts on “What can I say?”

  1. Katie,
    I pray for the sun to come out, the kids to behave, the machines to fix themselves, and for Google to clean up their act.
    Breathe deep,

  2. O dear fighting Google, that’s no easy task. Stay on your feet.
    A dead rat in your shoe.. I guess that made the most impression on me I guess. All kinds of questions rose to mind on how he died….. 🙂

  3. Its one of the laws of physics. Everything breaks at once. Time to go shopping for someone frivolous and a meal out. It will all seem better tomorrow.

  4. Brassfrog… all those things – and no bunnies and good dogs ;-))

    Lien, mon mari decided against an autopsy… and he hasn’t been putting poison out. old age?

    Val, I suppose the bright side would be that it all happened at once LOL

    Zoomie, fortunately, I have the gentlest dentist on the planet!

    Dan, thanks, I’ve had better…. But the girls were good (sort of)

    Phoenicia, maybe after I get every thing working again…. Or maybe I’ll just open a nice bottle of wine and go sit on the balcony.

  5. I know I commented on this! Twice. The first time, I made a crack about the spider. Both times I commiserated. Especially about the rat! That is no fun at all. I’d probably want to throw my shoes away. After I’d disinfected them.

    I hope you can get back to doing what you would rather be doing soon.

    You probably don’t want to hear about the largish spider that swung down on a thread from the driver side visor the other day when I was crawling along at 10km/hr in rush-hour traffic, do you?

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