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What can I say? — 8 Comments

  1. Katie,
    I pray for the sun to come out, the kids to behave, the machines to fix themselves, and for Google to clean up their act.
    Breathe deep,

  2. O dear fighting Google, that’s no easy task. Stay on your feet.
    A dead rat in your shoe.. I guess that made the most impression on me I guess. All kinds of questions rose to mind on how he died….. 🙂

  3. You poor thing! A dentist visit on top of all the rest just ain’t _fair_! Let us know how to find you if you switch.

  4. Gaww, what a week! Best wishes for recovery (the blog update and the freezer, and you).

  5. Its one of the laws of physics. Everything breaks at once. Time to go shopping for someone frivolous and a meal out. It will all seem better tomorrow.

  6. Brassfrog… all those things – and no bunnies and good dogs ;-))

    Lien, mon mari decided against an autopsy… and he hasn’t been putting poison out. old age?

    Val, I suppose the bright side would be that it all happened at once LOL

    Zoomie, fortunately, I have the gentlest dentist on the planet!

    Dan, thanks, I’ve had better…. But the girls were good (sort of)

    Phoenicia, maybe after I get every thing working again…. Or maybe I’ll just open a nice bottle of wine and go sit on the balcony.

  7. I know I commented on this! Twice. The first time, I made a crack about the spider. Both times I commiserated. Especially about the rat! That is no fun at all. I’d probably want to throw my shoes away. After I’d disinfected them.

    I hope you can get back to doing what you would rather be doing soon.

    You probably don’t want to hear about the largish spider that swung down on a thread from the driver side visor the other day when I was crawling along at 10km/hr in rush-hour traffic, do you?