Braised Asparagus with Bacon and Goat Cheese; puppies – 2 years later — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Katie so good to have that goat chess and bacon sauce! I have just the thing to use that with!
    I remember when our golden was a puppy, the trainer said if you think it’s cute with a puppy you must always ask yourself if you will think it’s cute when he weights 90 pounds. I found that helpful, not sure the puppy did.

  2. Tanna, I’ve always had big dogs so I know that well… Doesn’t help when they’re such cute puppies though. After 2 years mine (ours?) are fairly well behaved…

    Kate, I can’t either… I’ve only been without for 2 years, right after we moved here… Before Sedi adopted us.

    Ina, thanks – we do rather like bacon…. and goat cheese.

    Zoomie, yes, cute – but they were supposed to have much shorter coats! Lots of grooming needed.