Chicken Salad with Potatoes and Asparagus; Salad Dressings — 5 Comments

  1. Love your salad dressing philosophy and I am also a true believer in natural. I too am amazed at all the dressings on the shelves. Who comes up with these varieties?

  2. Katie – Luv your salad and dressings! Wish I could say that summer was with us too…soooo not. Grey and cloudy all day then the sun comes out at 6:00 pm not so great for the gardens!

  3. Great salad dressing recipes and you won’t get the funny aftertaste you get with so many of the commercial ones. Natural ingredients are impossible to beat.

  4. I LOVE your dressings, the balsalmic dressing is my favorite. I never paid attention to the ingredients of the bottled dressings but I do now. I rarely buy bottled thanks to your recipes.

    Very much appreciate you sharing Katie!!

  5. Susan, and there are more and more every time I go back to visit – can’t help but look LOL

    Ina, thanks…. As to summer… comes and goes. But we are grateful for every day of sun we get.

    Gill, thanks – I totally agree LOL

    Linda, I’m so glad to find another convert to easy home-made… Thanks!