Grilled Chicken Breasts with Mustard Sauce; Bored?

Did I mention that mon mari saw a welding kit (?) on sale awhile back?

And he bought it?

He always wanted to to be a welder….

Anyway, his first project was to fix the grill, which he did.

His second project was to use the grill…. Well not really, but he did anyway.

We’ve had the occasional sunny day interspersed with the cold and rain and one must take advantage.

The mustard sauce adds just enough heat to the chicken breasts to make them interesting on a cool spring night.

The recipe, Grilled Chicken Breasts with Mustard Sauce, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: BBQ Chicken Breasts with Mustard Sauce.

I was talking to my neighbor the other day…. She mentioned that she had read a book the day before.

An entire book!

I can’t imagine having time to read an entire book in a day.

I do read for 45 minutes every day – while I ride my exercise bike.

The last time I spent time reading without exercising was when I used to ‘work on my tan’.

First, I can’t believe I used to do that.

Second, how was that classified as work?

Reclining on a lounge chair in the sun with a book in one hand and a cold beer in the other is not exactly ‘work’.

I am in jealous awe of anyone who enjoys that kind of leisure time.

I’m not sure I could.

There are just too many things that I need to do to be able to relax and do nothing – and the ‘nothing’  includes reading or watching TV.

Plus, if / when all the things that NEED to be done are done, I have a whole other list of things that I WANT to do,

I don’t think I’ve been bored or idle or had free time since we moved across the pond.

Guess that’s a good thing.

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3 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken Breasts with Mustard Sauce; Bored?”

  1. Must try the mustard sauce.
    The only time I can really think of “free time” as such is when we travel … and even that’s sometimes hard if I let my head drift to all the things that have to be done and things I want to do. I’ve never understood how anybody can be bored.

  2. The mustard sauce sounds great. I have some chicken breasts in the deep freeze which I am running down prior to going to France next month – that will make a change from my usual recipes.
    I have had more than enough time to read a book a day over the past 3 months but fortunately that is coming to an end. Not to be recommended! I have reclaimed the kitchen from my husband who did a sterling job when I couldn’t and by the time we get to France I will reclaim the paint brush too! He is busy painting some new garages and that sort of thing is normally my job but I have to be a patient patient for a few more weeks!
    I hope your weather improves,Katie. We are having glorious Autumn weather here.

  3. Tanna, that’s the only good thing about crossing the pond – 8 hours of enforced inactivity ;-))

    Gill, I’m glad to hear your getting your regular life back! Forced downtime is okay – as long as it’s short and not painful…. Pretty tough LOL I hope the weather improves by the time you get here.

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