Grilled Chicken Breasts with Mustard Sauce; Bored? — 3 Comments

  1. Must try the mustard sauce.
    The only time I can really think of “free time” as such is when we travel … and even that’s sometimes hard if I let my head drift to all the things that have to be done and things I want to do. I’ve never understood how anybody can be bored.

  2. The mustard sauce sounds great. I have some chicken breasts in the deep freeze which I am running down prior to going to France next month – that will make a change from my usual recipes.
    I have had more than enough time to read a book a day over the past 3 months but fortunately that is coming to an end. Not to be recommended! I have reclaimed the kitchen from my husband who did a sterling job when I couldn’t and by the time we get to France I will reclaim the paint brush too! He is busy painting some new garages and that sort of thing is normally my job but I have to be a patient patient for a few more weeks!
    I hope your weather improves,Katie. We are having glorious Autumn weather here.

  3. Tanna, that’s the only good thing about crossing the pond – 8 hours of enforced inactivity ;-))

    Gill, I’m glad to hear your getting your regular life back! Forced downtime is okay – as long as it’s short and not painful…. Pretty tough LOL I hope the weather improves by the time you get here.