Lamb Steaks with Mustard Rosemary Butter — 5 Comments

  1. Your little crops look the same height as mine and we are just about to start winter. I have similar things planted – winter greens and silver beet, parsley and coriander.

  2. Well the grass is beautiful green and the lamb looks heavenly. I know Gorn will be wild for it … mustard rosemary butter … that’s always a made in heaven combo. I”m in.

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  4. I love your flavoured butter! I am a big fan of such things with steaks – lamb or beef. The weather has been atrocious and our veggie patch is also not doing it’s stuff! We have loads of strawberries and cherries but they are not getting ripe! It has to change soon though or I may have to move further South!

  5. Kate, I’m impressed that you do a winter garden… I’m usually so sick of gardening by then I give it up.

    Tanna, and that beautiful green grass needs mowing constantly… but it is nice to look at… and play in with the doggies. Lamb on the grill – always!

    Anne, even the south hasn’t been nice… but we’ve had 2 days of sunshine, so there’s hope – and I finally got some radishes that we’re big enough to pick,