Sunday Lunch in the village

There was a time when I thought Lunch at Ramon’s was long and tiring..

That was before we started living here.

We just had the Spring Sunday Lunch in the village.

I’m exhausted and I may never eat again.


I was actually going to post a recipe – but the thought….

I just couldn’t deal with thinking that seriously about food

Here’s what our next meal will be – when we gather the courage to eat again.

Asparagus and Green Garlic Frittata

Asparagus and Green Garlic Omelet

Back to the lunch.

Here’s the menu – with description and comments, of course.

We arrive at the village hall promptly at 12 noon.

After standing around for 20 minutes or so, greeting everyone with the obligatory 2 kisses or handshake, depending on whether or not you have actually met the person before, we take our chosen seat.

At these lunches one must always take one’s own ‘cover’: we bring our own plates, soup bowls, wine glasses, water glasses, coffee cups, eating utensils and napkins, and duly set our own ‘places’.

We start with an Apéritif, of course….  a Kir (white wine with, in this case, a bit of grapefruit juice) and small bowls of nuts and potato crisps.

Then we have another Kir…..

Water bottles and wine carafes are set out around the tables, both red and rosé wine.

The next course is the soup. Today it was a light vegetable soup.

And, of course huge baskets of bread are set near every diner.

We have learned that, even if you don’t normally eat bread, you should always have a bit – to wipe your bowl / plate clean.  After all, you have to take them back home, unwashed and bread works great to clean up all the bits.

Following the soup is the salad.  Today it was a sliced tomato, half of a hard-boiled egg and a vegetable and tuna salad on a bed of spring lettuce.  The salad had carrots, onions, celery, flageolet (like a small, green cannellini) and tuna.

And more wine….

After the salad, I was full…..

After the salad we had a Trou Normand – which is a small scoop of pear or apple sorbet with a healthy splash of Calvados (apple brandy). A palate cleanser with a kick.

The main course was Steak Frites – steak with French fries (chips). The steak was cooked to your taste (in my case, medium rare) and perfectly done. It was served with an onion sauce. I have no idea how they make the fries but they are the best I’ve ever had.  After they serve the steak and frites, they put a big basket of extra ‘frites’ on every table….. Bad humans!

The wine, of course, is kept replenished.

Full yet?

Following the steak we have a light tossed salad and a wedge of Camembert (and more bread and more red wine).

Finally, it’s dessert…. Which was some kind of pastry filled with all of the vanilla custard in the world. It oozed out in every direction when you just approached it with the fork.

Did I mention that one of the problems with bringing your own plates is that you have to clean them – I mean, eat everything?

Seriously, I don’t think I will eat again until Wednesday…..

Oh yes, the finish…. Coffee and brandy. One guy walks around pouring the coffee, another walks around with a tray of brandies and liqueurs, pouring freely.

Then they come around again.

About 4:30 we finally finished, toddled on out to the car, and drove home to lay in front of the TV for the rest of the month.

We’ll wash are plates later.

I’m so grateful this only happens 2 or 3 times per year.

The cost for this simple lunch was 14 euros (about 18 US dollars) per person, all included. (Free for children under 12.)

I need to go lie down……

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