Turkey Rolls with Red Wine, Goat Cheese Sauce; taunting swallows — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve never rolled turkey, or flattened it into a Schnitzel-style dish, or done anything else with it other than make a roast or a (really tasty) American-style meatloaf. I want to hold this recipe, but not show it to ma femme, because then it would be immediately on order. #beenmarriedalongtime

    I wish your girls were here to help out with the birds in the back yard. Doves and pigeons have descended for the summer. They hide in the mulberry tree and one species drops this horrible purple mess onto the patio. Orkin Exterminators came today and I actually asked them if they “do birds.” Not to kill the birds! but to find ways to get them to poop in, say, my neighbors’ yard. Turns out they do (typically, they handle poop-on-roof problems) by putting screening over the trees. I can do that, but won’t. Who wants Grandma’s hair net over a perfectly beautiful shade tree?

  2. I have had dreadful problems with dog V swallows in the past – chasing the Cocopop endlessly trying to catch her. She was running just madly all over after the birds with no hope of it coming when called. It took so long catching that animal that I will never forget it. Now at age of 5, she is not the slightest bit interested in their nose diving antics.

  3. Dan, we had a huge mulberry tree at our last house – I totally sympathize with the mess.. And I never got to taste a mulberry….

    Kate, they do seem to like to tease the dogs. I think they have moved on now… I hope they have moved on LOL