Avocado Rolls; cooking v not cooking — 6 Comments

  1. Your avocado roll look beautiful and yummy. I liked reading your post, it was very interesting.

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  3. Ha ha the absence of take aways! I used to live in SW London before moving to the deepest darkest depths of rural SW France, where takeaways of any glorious ethnicity were readily available, and usually deliverable!. Living here there’s two pizza take aways (collect only) within 20 kms and to be honest I’d rather gnaw my left arm off than eat from one of them. But I have become rather adept at making my own Indian, Chinese, Thai or Pizza ‘take-aways’, and whilst timely (obviously defeating the point), they’re usually way better!. Your avocado rolls look wonderful, I’m very partial to hot creamy avocado and I bet it’s sublime with this line up of ingredients. Thanks for entering them to the Four Seasons Food challenge, they’d definitely make a perfect outdoor nibble! Louisa

  4. These look lovely – avocado in anything is always a winner with me but with herbs and feta too, yumyum. I have never quite managed to master filo pastry and always end up in a bit of a flaky mess but perhaps I should try again.

  5. Hi Katie – your avocado rolls look wonderful. I love how creamy avocado gets when it’s cooked. I’ll bet that contrasts brilliantly with the crispy phyllo. I am also a big fan of Brick Pastry which is so widely available here in France and a bit easier to work with in my opinion. That would work well for your rolls too I would think. Either way – a great entry for Four Seasons Food so thanks very much! And as for the take away part – I totally know what you mean! Although having moved here from London I do miss the occasional Friday night delivered treat. I have been known to drive an hour away with my Mum and kids for an all you can eat Chinese buffet which is quite good and delas with my cravings! But on the whole, I have just got better at cooking Asian & Indian food at home which is of course, a much better idea anyway! xx