Chicken Teriyaki Salad; Sigh…. — 7 Comments

  1. Augh!! How I hate that you had to suffer through all that again. I sympathize even more because I spent the greater part of two days trying to figure out why approved comments were suddenly not appearing. I never did learn what caused it but I have managed to get the stupid thing working again (except for the comments section on a single page).

    I would love to have had your chicken teriaki salad to soothe my shattered nerves.

  2. Hey! It just occurred to me. We’re both running wordpress. My explosion occurred on 3 June….

    Was your solution something to do with your database or was it a plugin that was conflicting?

  3. kate, it was very frustrating… All I had was a jar of Nutella. It helped!

    Elizabeth, my problem had to do with the permalinks and a plugin and the database – it kind of cascaded….. I have no idea why the first thing went wrong, the rest were uncovered while I was trying to fix it. The Nutella…. and the salad, helped. LOL

  4. I finally figured out what went wront. It turned out that my problem had nothing to do with database, plugin, theme compatibility with latest wp version OR server crash and everything to do with how wordpress renders commented out sections.

    Salad would have helped a lot. But no nutella for me, thank you. Lots of plain chocolate (plain and/or dark) would have been a good substitute….