Faux Patatas Bravas; the Paleo Diet? — 5 Comments

  1. Well the Paleo dieters would be horrified with me – I have gone mad on porridge since winter set it – I could {but don’t !!} eat it for all three meals a day !!

  2. Katie…I could not agree more. I think the main reason people are having so much trouble with grains…is because they are no longer the original ancient grains. Man has messed around with them too much…creating a stronger wheat grain to resist disease etc.etc. etc. Why does the human race have to mess around with something that was perfect in the first place? And that is only one example…there are many many more!

  3. Kate, I can relate to that – I was mad for it all last winter LOL

    Phoenicia, and unhealthy. Boring and unhealthy – oh yeah, that’s for me….

    Ina, because that’s what the human race does – messes around with stuff.

  4. These look tasty to me! Faux or no. Potatoes can always use spicing up.

    I like the concept of the paleo diet because of its stress on whole, natural, unprocessed foods. It’s how I try to eat most days. No need to put a name on it. Just eat fresh food and stop trying to justify it with some kind of historical/anthropological context.