Grilled Barbecued Tuna, pondering the existence of dog — 5 Comments

  1. Well, I can’t be going with orange marmalade on tuna but tomato & lettuce ripe at the same time, yes a woman would have done that.

  2. Tanna, actually, it just adds a touch of sweetness – but not too much. Strangely, I’m not a fan of orange in anything, but I liked this. The hubs loves orange.

    Joanne, sometimes they can be challenging to feed LOL

    Zoomie, really! That reminds me…. I haven’t had a good BLT in ages. I need to find some decent bacon!

  3. You are just so funny.

    And I love the idea of fish grilled with a sweet-sour-savory marinade. Marmalade is perfect!