Grilled Chicken with Tapenade — 6 Comments

  1. We reached 28degC on Sunday but then the rain started yesterday lunchtime and has not stopped. We have never seen the Dronne so full at this time of year and it was 10 deg cooler today -what has happened to summer? Thanks for the tip on Grand Frais. We visited it on Friday and were suitably impressed.
    Despite the weather we are enjoying the lovely long evenings and relative lack of mozzies.

  2. Kate, we are really lucky not to have them here – although we do see one occasionally – that worries me….

    Zoomie, so do i… Puppies can see to play until almost 11!

    Tanna,the bats? We have those…. LOL

    Dan, I’m rather fond of olives anywhere….

    Gill, this rain has been incredible – farmers’ fields are still flooded – and again flooded. Glad you like Grand Frais – we make it up there every few weeks. Enjoy your hols!