Spring Salad with Grilled Pork Chops

I always plant too much in my garden…. In some people’s opinion.

I don’t let any of it go to waste, but we tend to eat strangely when stuff starts growing.

We don’t eat salads for months, then we have spinach salads every night for two or three weeks while it’s producing, followed by red and green leaf lettuces, followed by Romaine.

About the middle of July the last of it bolts, I pull it all out and salad season is over for another year.

We enjoy every forkful while it lasts.

Spring Salad with Grilled Pork Chops

Total time: 30 minutes


  • 2 pork chops, about 12oz (350gr) total weight. 
  • Marinade:
  • 2 tbs red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbs Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • Salad:
  • 4oz (120gr) fresh spinach
  • 1/2 cup sliced radishes
  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • 1 medium carrot, sliced with carrot peeled
  • 2 tbs fresh oregano
  • 1/4 cup shredded cheese
  • Vinaigrette:
  • 1 tbs Dijon-style mustard
  • 2 tbs white Balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbs salad olive oil

Spring Salad with Grilled Pork Chop


  • Make marinade, spoon over chops and allow to marinate for 15 minutes.
  • Wash and tear spinach for salad if needed.
  • In large bowl mix whisk mustard and vinegar.
  • Add oil, slowly, whisking until thick.
  • Cook pork chops on barbecue grill or broil (grill) for 6 – 8 minutes per side, depending on thickness – a bit pink in the center is good.
  • After turning chops add all salad ingredients to vinaigrette and toss well.
  • Arrange salad on plates, add chop and serve.

Mon mari got bored over our rainy weekend and start working upstairs. He had a bit of a problem in the corner with warped floor boards. He spent the weekend getting them ready for the eventual new floor.

He took them all up, cut them in half the long way, and nailed them back down.

As soon as the sun shines again, he’ll be back outside doing summer stuff….

new-roomOur farmer neighbor took advantage of the sunshine last week and mowed his field.

The next day there were two tractors out there, one raking, the other baling.

It was all very entertaining for the doggies.


The following morning they picked up all the bales, put them in the barn and let the cows out.


That’s even more entertaining for the doggies.

Shortly after the bales were in and the cows were out the rains came. The cows were so happy they didn’t seem to mind in the least.

The end.

5 thoughts on “Spring Salad with Grilled Pork Chops”

  1. You always make me smile, Katie!!! I forgot how much fun is to visit your blog… I’ve been too busy with mine for a long time now.

    I remember that wonderful view from your terrace :D. Sooo beautiful! I wish I could help you eat what you get in your garden, this dish looks soooo healthy and tasty.
    Maybe your Mari should start working for that tv program: “love it or list it”, he would surely have a good time ;D

    A huge hug to you both and please, please, please come visit my blog and tell me your opinion, either it’s good or bad, I would love to hear from you! http://www.spanishrecipesbynuria.com

  2. You have cherry tomatoes already?! No fair! No fair!

    Your salad looks fabulous. And I’m reminded that it’s time to have your salad potatoes, goat cheese and sausage. J’adore that salad!

    We haven’t had quite as much rain as you but it did rain all day yesterday. I washed windows anyway. Because that’s what I had planned to do….

  3. Hope the rain is over for a while. I am so looking forward to seeing a corner of your world, even if we are 2 hours away from you. Your salad and pork chop looks delicious.

  4. Elizabeth, I don’t have cherry tomatoes, but the farmers do (poly tunnels) We had that salad earlier this week Je l’adore aussi. Mon mari does windows…..

    Penny, the weather has been gorgeous – fingers crossed it stays that way for you.

    Zoomie, it’s very green…. and still very wet.

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