Ultra Lemony, Gooey Lemon Bars; the update — 6 Comments

  1. Love the slice – I could eat the lot. I also love the two sentries. When I sit at my computer the Cocopop always is curled around my feet.

  2. These lemon bars sound so good! The perfect breakfast! We are sharing your non-summer, tedious isnt it?

  3. Be sure to take a close up picture of that electrical stuff before you cover it up with wood. Some day it may be good to have a guide as to what is buried, and where. Progress!

  4. Kate, that’s my problem – I could eat the lot… and it’s in my kitchen.

    Jayne, I love lemon bars. I hate this non-summer!!!!!

    Pam, good idea to take one of the whole wall. He’ll make a door to the box, but the other stuff will be covered.

  5. Thats why you need to come over here…. Our bizarre spring is finally over and we are having a heavy duty summer… We would get baked at nights in our third floor room if it wasn’t for the air conditioning!!!!!!! Get your lemon cake over, please 😀