Warm Barley and Chard Salad, Bonnie and Guapa tell tales — 4 Comments

  1. Love your Website but am having trouble picking up anything past June 10th. In the end I have to click through everything after `continue reading.` Just going into the main site doesn’t show the new Posts. Any ideas why this is happening? Thank you. Gloria in Hamburg

  2. I have not tried anything like this but it sounds great and I am on the look out for chard recipes! Thanks. Oh and my son let our little yorkie out and she ran through the fence to a neighbor dog who has threatened to eat her up. Instead, they played together 🙂

  3. Kate, yes he is…. and very unrepentant!

    Gloria, I hope we got that worked out… Thanks for letting me know.

    Denise, I think dogs do better with each other when their humans aren’t around…
    Love chard!