Bread Baking Babes spill the wine, Rheinbrot — 4 Comments

  1. Of course!! [slaps forehead] You must be right about the other BBBabes keep drinking all the Riesling before there’s a chance to get it in the breaddough! Even our fearless host, Astrid, must still be quaffing Riesling!

    But July isn’t over yet! There’s still time for everyone to bake this lovely bread….

  2. You are super Katie. I only wish I’d been enjoying all that wine and could say that was why I didn’t get the bread baked.
    Come you know what or high water, I will have next months bread baked 😉 What am I saying you know what has arrived and I’m thick in it … still I am going to get bread baked!

  3. Elizabeth, it’s the heat. A nice, chilled Riesling is just too tempting.

    Kate, absolutely!

    Tanna, but it will be cooler then, right?