Carrot Salad, more French encounters — 7 Comments

  1. That’s truly a kicker, that he could speak English after all that! What do you suppose was his problem? Bad hair day? Wife yelled at him?

  2. Hilarious, this made me laugh out loud!!! But you probably weren’t laughing. Gorgeous salad too, and I so agree carrot salad can be just a teensy weensy bit bland and it’s always good to zing it up a bit. Yours sounds perfect, and would be made an excellent barbie side, thanks so much for entering it to Four Seasons Food.

  3. Lol!! Your story is so funny and so typical! Why they didn’t post it I have no idea! I have experienced many a similar situation. This country is crazy sometimes but you just have to love it 🙂 Your carrots also look great. My daughter would love them like this so I shall give them a go on her soon. Thanks for entering FSF 🙂 x

  4. Kate, they’re usually so reliable – must be the summer holidays!

    Zoomie, something set him off. Usually everyone is so nice… Guess he made up for it LOL

    Chez Foti – it’s always funny – afterwards… and good fodder for the blog.

    Anneli, I never understand why they use delivery services…. And they didn’t charge me for shipping so I was really surprised.

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