Lemon Chicken Salad, Nutrition info: yay or nay — 8 Comments

  1. Personally I like to see the nutrition info…But that being said I think they are off some on their calculations. The only things in this that has any calories (that Count ) would be the chicken-not high, the olive oil-easily counted,the honey -ditto, and the avocado and nuts…Don’t think this is 1000 -or close-.

  2. I am happy to see fat and sugar content so I can make educated and healthy decisions but I don’t count calories. All things in moderation for me.

  3. I think their calculations are off. And possibly yours are too – I’d be surprised if you used three tablespoons of oil in a dressing for two people’s salads. That would truly drench the salad in dressing. I have to admit that I only pay attention to nutritional info in recipes about dessert.

  4. Yikes – as someone who posts recipes – due to having Type 1 diabetes – and other diabetics following my “healthy eating” (we try our best right Katie?) – I tend to only be concerned about the carbs – but calories are coming more into play with me as I age – due to menopause increasing my waist line. Your recipe here, if my sponge brain serves me correctly said 70 GRAMS OF CARBS for the serving size (yikes). That would be way too much for me in a meal – even dinner – so I’d reduce the serving amount.

    I’m actually thinking that maybe Zoomie has it right – that the calculations might be off – since the ingredients in the salad post maybe higher in fat (love olives – never really thought about the fat content – stuff stuff stuff in my gob). Just still trying to wrap my head around how the heck did the program come up with such high carbs – something just seems not right.

    So, yes, if the program works correctly in calculating everything – I’m saying oui oui oui (am I impressing you with my Quebecois french?). I have to admit – still – I eat – really don’t pay attention to the calories – I just enjoy the portion I want to eat. It’s all about portion control in my little world of diabetes.

  5. While it is always interesting to see the “nutritional info,” I usually adapt recipes, so it doesn’t mean a lot to me in the first place. Also, I have an idea of what fats/sugars, etc, are in processed food.
    I usually cook food from scratch, so am more likely to add a bit more olive oil on my salad for flavor (and thus calories) than using a processed, “lite” salad dressing that is full of chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients.
    Your recipes never seem to be unhealthy and are made from real ingredients, so I’m not sure about adding the nutritional information to your already great recipes.

  6. deebar, I like seeing it, but I’m not comfortable if it’s not accurate. And I’m not comfortable if it doesn’t seem to work right.

    Kate, I don’t either – I just try for a balanced diet – and that includes wine and chocolate!

    Zoomie, you’re right…. I’m usually pretty spare with the dressing – and don’t use it all.

    Anna, I have to admit I was so surprised by the calories I didn’t check the carbs…. And, as you know, the hubs is T1 too so I’m also careful. Now I have to go back and look – I mean, avocado, nuts and honey….. And it’s all about portion control in everyone’s world – or should be ;-))

    Jennifer, Thanks for the lovely compliment… and I’m like you – always adapting and tweaking.

  7. I like to see the nutrional information if its accurate but it wouldn’t stop me from making the dish if I’m interested. I agree with Jennifer your meals never seem unhealthy but one does need to balance out their meals within a day to indulge in some foods. Portions are critcal.