Sausage Salad with Baked Zucchini Rounds; The Bike Ride — 7 Comments

    • My dog would love this but I think I would be fishing her out of the canal… a lot!

  1. I would love to do one of the canal week long boat rides and bring my bike along for side trips. I am starting to get inundated with zucchini, so bring on the zuch’ recipes!

    • When we were bicycling along one of the French canals, we talked to some fellows who were boating. They looked longingly at our bicycles and said they would much rather have done that. They said the boat riding was too sedentary and monotonous. They were young guys though. I’m thinking lolling on a canal boat would be pretty nice. But I’d definitely want to have my bike with me so we could ride into various villages for supplies.

  2. Kate, lovely, cool and flat.

    Zoomie, it’s a scary thought….

    Meredith, I would be too – if I let them near it. We passed a lot of rental boats – with the bikes . I’d love to do it too.

  3. We had your sausage salad the other night. It was as wonderful as ever. Too bad I didn’t know about the zucchini rounds because we got some lovely yellow zucchini at the market.

    And I love the photos! And I’m positive that we’ve bicycled along that same canal several years ago. Does the canal road suddenly peter out?