Chard and Tomato Gratin, puppies & sunflowers again — 4 Comments

  1. Sometimes the mistakes make for the best food, and memories. I usually have trouble replicating the mistake, so the dish doesn’t taste as good the next, when it’s made properly.

    “We were not pleased.” Bet they were.

  2. I’m with you in this one – just when I think my Cora has decided to be a lady, she reverts back to chasing puppyhood. You were smart to let go of those leashes.

  3. Dan, they were quite happy with themselves. As to the food – I keep telling myself to take notes. I keep ignoring me….

    Kate, all day and it involved lots of sweeping as they left piles of dirt and stones everywhere they sat.

    Zoomie, I guess I should be happy they keep reverting… Keeps them young. Just wish they’d stay out of the sunflowers!