Grilled Sausage, Potato and Green Bean Salad, garden critters — 7 Comments

  1. My sister recently made the Cooking Light recipe that you speak of. It was a tremendous hit at our gathering. I like your rendition with the sausage.
    And I do not like spiders ; either on me or in the house and will go to great lengths to avoid both. Great photos!

  2. Kate, I once lacquered one to the wall with hairspray in a hotel room… It worked LOL

    Christine, I’ll have to try it as written… If that’s possible for me. Hate spiders!!!

    Tanna, both are a great time to let the mind wander and stretch.

  3. Please reassure me that you are not driving when you are reading in the car!

    I LOVE green beans in potato salad! What a great idea to add sausage as well.

    I’m so jealous of your stick insect! How cool is that? And I know you hate spiders, but but but, how can you when you have such stunningly beautiful ones in your garden. If we had garden spiders like that, I might be tempted to lure one or two inside. Except the furry black fiend disguised as a cute cat might make mincemeat out of them.

  4. Elizabeth, I wouldn’t dare… they’re very strict here – no phones, no food, no beverages…. I can handle spiders outside – as long as they’re not on me LOL

  5. I am relieved. Wow! That IS strict to disallow food and beverages! Here it is no phones, no texting. But some drivers still phone and text (because their devices have made them brain-free).

    I can handle spiders inside and outside – also as long as they are not on me. Ewwwwww!