Grilled Thick-cut Pork Chops with Spicy Orange Glaze, the update — 7 Comments

  1. “After he finished stacking the firewood he made a new, wood, wood basket.” You say that so casually. This would be a weekend of research, consultation, new one-time tools, and 18 hours of effort for me, and the wheels would probably end up on the handle.

    I assume pork in France is as tasty as in Germany; “the other white meat” in the US just can’t compare.

  2. Tanna, I’ll tell him… He did good LOL

    Dan, the pork is wonderful here – better than the beef ;-)… And think of how much fun you would have doing it – even with the wheeled handle.

    Pam, we missed that one – but there’s a big one this weekend we’re going to.

  3. Would he like a vacation here, please? I would try to feed him well for a few days while he gave me a hand with all the things I can’t make/fix/repair. The basket has dove-tailed joins and all! Impressive!
    And thanks for the recipe–I actually have some sliced pork loin in the freezer and the glaze would be perfect!

  4. Lovely pork chops Katie! And a lovely wood basket too…you are lucky to have someone that handy to have around….maybe you two could visit…we need extra handy mans in this household. The work never ends!