Moroccan Lamb and Vegetable Kebabs, perspective — 6 Comments

  1. 5 winters in a motor home with al fresco dining !!! No thanks !! That renovation adventure sounds like a sentence in a labour camp.

  2. Wow Katie…that is one heck of a reno story. The new owners must be very industrious with copious, enormous amounts of energy. Hats of to them!

  3. The site must be worth all the angst and work. Hats off to them – I hope it becomes a real showplace, like yours!

  4. LOL Katie on the reno job … I thought my DH was slow in doing stuff – but this one gets an award – and hope they one day achieve their dreams. I know we’ve been eyeing property in Spain – and the Napoleonic bit seems to be similar there as well – for purchasing a foundation (that HAS to remain part of the renos – it cannot be removed). So far, we find owning the sailboat – also a reno job – as it’s a boat from the 80’s – a less expensive option … for now. Tho’ after reading an article about Gascony – I’m having thoughts about France … again … I mean I do live in Quebec – je parle un petite francais (just wave your hands when you’re stuck – they get you – or say “zut alors je suis stupid anglais person”)..
    Anyway, the meal sounds absolutely DELICIOUS – as usual – your recipe posts and stories just make me have a good giggle here in Pierrefonds (beautiful sunny day, temps a comfortable 20C).

  5. 5 years of winters; I’ll keep Hawaii and al fresco dining. Too bad about not having photos. Hope you go back some day with a camera. Very curious I am.

  6. Kate, better them than me!

    Ina, it’s a huge project – the wife is still working so she gets away every week.

    Zoomie, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like… but I don’t think it could ever be that wonderful LOL

    Anna, I think Napoleonic law is most of Europe – and it is in Spain. I remember the 1 wall rule for building. Gascony is nice – Armagnac is there LOL

    Phoenicia, it reminded me of your place… a little. Don’t think I’ll accept any winter invitations ‘-))