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Moroccan Lamb and Vegetable Kebabs, perspective — 6 Comments

  1. 5 winters in a motor home with al fresco dining !!! No thanks !! That renovation adventure sounds like a sentence in a labour camp.

  2. Wow Katie…that is one heck of a reno story. The new owners must be very industrious with copious, enormous amounts of energy. Hats of to them!

  3. LOL Katie on the reno job … I thought my DH was slow in doing stuff – but this one gets an award – and hope they one day achieve their dreams. I know we’ve been eyeing property in Spain – and the Napoleonic bit seems to be similar there as well – for purchasing a foundation (that HAS to remain part of the renos – it cannot be removed). So far, we find owning the sailboat – also a reno job – as it’s a boat from the 80’s – a less expensive option … for now. Tho’ after reading an article about Gascony – I’m having thoughts about France … again … I mean I do live in Quebec – je parle un petite francais (just wave your hands when you’re stuck – they get you – or say “zut alors je suis stupid anglais person”)..
    Anyway, the meal sounds absolutely DELICIOUS – as usual – your recipe posts and stories just make me have a good giggle here in Pierrefonds (beautiful sunny day, temps a comfortable 20C).

  4. 5 years of winters; I’ll keep Hawaii and al fresco dining. Too bad about not having photos. Hope you go back some day with a camera. Very curious I am.

  5. Kate, better them than me!

    Ina, it’s a huge project – the wife is still working so she gets away every week.

    Zoomie, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like… but I don’t think it could ever be that wonderful LOL

    Anna, I think Napoleonic law is most of Europe – and it is in Spain. I remember the 1 wall rule for building. Gascony is nice – Armagnac is there LOL

    Phoenicia, it reminded me of your place… a little. Don’t think I’ll accept any winter invitations ‘-))