Pesto Rosso, a meme — 10 Comments

  1. This could be the answer to me wanting “pesto pasta” and my mom wanting something with tomatoes for the same pasta. So, now, rather than cutting the tomatoes up to serve on the side, she can throw them in (and also get the olives we don’t otherwise like out of our refrigerator!) Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome, Jan

    Kate, yeah, I don’t think we’ll go back 😉

    Zoomie – and thanks,… It was fun

    Catherine, ahhh the art of compromise! Hope it works!

  3. Hey! You are right!!! Where have all the memes gone? Hahaha i loved them when it started but at the end, it took too much time.

    Thanks for the recipe katie, I will try it 😀
    Going to check those books.

  4. Hi Katie. Summer is coming here great time to make your Pesto Rosso. Like you I’m not keen on sun dried tomatoes. But the semi dred are a good replacement. They taste more like tomatoes than tomato purée could be worth trying them.

  5. Catherine, no, it;s not a pretty red like the stuff in the jar. I couldn’t think of a way to do that with all the basil I wanted to use….

    Nuria, it has been a long, long time LOL. You’ll like it – add some good anchovies….

    Gilli, never tried semi-dried… always so strange to think about you starting summer just as I wrap it up.

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