Summer Couscous, eating real food rant — 5 Comments

  1. I just consumed a pastry while reading a knitting blog post and this with my don’t-ask-which-number cup of morning coffee. It’s a daily indulgence I decided is genetic after learning about the Germans’ “zweites Frühstück” and I eat “real” food, mostly made from scratch. I have always eaten this way, as has my family. And the only one with the weight problem is the niece who eats anything-free because she believes the hype. Should I lose a few pounds? Probably, and I likely will now that I’m walking my kid to the school bus again, upping the exercise.

    In other words, I’m with you.

  2. Kate, mine too – I try to leave it in the shops….

    Karen, when we lived in Ireland we learned about ‘second breakfast’. They do it in Spain and Andorra, too. I’m rather fond of that. One must indulge!

    Dan, merci.

    Tanna, at least with real food I know what it is that may be bad LOL