Traditional Home-Made Pesto; the update — 6 Comments

  1. You guys are gluttons for work! I went back and read about the wine making and chuckled all the way through. We Americans worry too much about dirt – in the wine, the alcohol kills everything harmful. That’s why wines and beers were invented – because water wasn’t safe to drink! 🙂

  2. Kate, me too – glad he’d rather do the wood LOL

    Zoomie, the wine making was very…. enlightening… And we’ve loosened up a lot about dirt and stuff since we’ve lived here.

  3. Ahhhh – wasp body parts in figs! Eugh. I have the biggest fig tree known to man and eat oodles when they are ripe in a few weeks. I hope I can get that image out of my mind when the time comes!
    Love you pesto. Hell, why mess with the original and the best? x

  4. annelifaiers, We have 2 figs – and that’s the only thing that’s producing this year. The dogs love them.

    Tanna, we have learned that you can get a lot more in a small space if it’s neat… pain in the butt to stack, tho….