Bell Peppers Stuffed with Mushrooms, Beef and Barley, cleaning woes — 4 Comments

  1. LOL Katie – I am just laughing away at your cleaning bit (love the recipe – printing it up for when I’m back home from boat). I am exactly the same as you (we are like twin Cindrella’s) DETEST house cleaning with a passion (if only we could wave a wand and POOF it’s all done).
    I was told by a friend one time – when they were visiting me – and I was fretting over this/that – that they come to visit US – not the house. So, that little Mr. Herman hanging over their bed in the guest room didn’t make me worry too much 😉
    If I ever make it out to your neck of France (mon mari is mentioning something about trip to France – even maybe a job for himself in France – oh la la) – do not worry about cleaning up before we come – as long as their is good food / wine / company – that’s all that counts the most!!
    Okay – off to clean up my kitchen mess …..

  2. Kate5050, thank you for the tip but – what kind of surface spray? I have outdoor spiders, too, and would love to discourage them. Cleaning spray like 409?

  3. Anna, I agree in theory… but mine was really, really a disaster LOL. What exciting news! You have to come visit us if / when you get to France. And I’m so jealous of your boat… I miss boating…

    Kate, I found a spider spray – I’m going to try that. Have to be careful not to herd them all to my bedroom or something, though LOL

    Zoomie, most of our spiders are in the house…. At least the big ones….