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Bread Baking Babes take a ride on the seedy side… — 8 Comments

  1. Envy, envious of my toys … perhaps … but how when all I have is maybe two feet of counter space.

    You really make these crackers look good … I have a small dough ball of cracker dough left in the freezer, I think it’s time to bake again!

    Thanks millions Katie.

  2. Thanks, Katie! Look how many Babes baked! And look at how different they all look but still delicious! Every time I walk through the kitchen I grab one or two… I really love them! This was a great choice of recipe!

  3. Ooooh! Beautiful, Katie! I love seeing all our crackers stacked up together like that. I can’t help thinking how cracking good they look. We ARE crackers!

    Tanna, I have a solution for you: FedEX. I’m positive it wouldn’t cost too too too much to pack up your nifty gadgets and send them north a few miles. I feel sure that I can find storage space on our wall somewhere. (heeehehehehe)

  4. Lien, thanks….

    Tanna, you could bring your toys to visit…. I have lots of counter space.

    girlichef, cheese, crackers…I’ll bring the wine.

    Jamie, ah… they do look quite ‘moorish’. I can see why they’d be hard to resist… And thanks!

    Ckay, thanks – they do look good, don’t they…

    Elizabeth, so kind of you to offer to adopt Tanna’s toys! Yes, all crackers!

    Elle, very seedy stuff LOL