Five Bean Salad, mouse mysteries — 5 Comments

  1. Do you realize this is what appears and how really hysterical it reads … but I do have a warped mind.

    I tell myself Guapa was just trying to lick the peanut butter off the trap…..

    If you want nutrition information, try this site: Calorie Count

    LOVE the bean salad, much like I’d do it if I had those three beans to pick!

  2. Kate, we have to start putting them high – I forget how ‘tall’ she is on her hind legs.

    Tanna, Guapa is not worried about nutrition info… even of peanut butter covered mice.

    Nancy, you’re welcome – it was a great salad!

  3. Excellent salad recipe and just in time for a visit from a vegan friend…she will love this. Thanks!