Goat Cheese and Cherry Tomato Mini Pizzas, sucking it up — 5 Comments

  1. you know you can put those green tomatoes in a paper bag in a dark pantry and they will ripen…pizza looks yummy…getting ready to put in my fall garden…love living in south Texas something grows here almost year round

  2. Those mini-pizzas look amazing!
    I know what you mean about the weather – it was like that here as well. Last week we went from a day of 37 on Wednesday to 12 on Friday. CRAZY

  3. We have zillions of spiders here, too, each spinning a small, dense web. The part I can’t figure out is what they eat, since there are so few bugs here. Maybe they eat each other? In any case, I’m always sweeping their webs off the front of the house (yes, they are mostly outdoor spiders).

  4. Following up on a comment by a friend that conkers/horse chestnuts repel clothes moths, I discovered that having some in a room is supposed to deter spiders as well. I haven’t seen any horse chestnuts around here but I am going to look for some to try – I hope to find some before we leave next week in an attempt to reduce the amount of spider web I have to deal with when we return!

  5. gayle, I don’t think I could handle a fall garden… I’m always glad to put mine to bed for the winter LOL

    Jerry, I need more time to adjust – the thought of winter is not welcome yet ‘shudder’

    Zoomie, funny, as many little spiders and webs, and big spiders (they don’t seem to do webs) inside, I never see them outside on the house, Garden, yes, but not out on the house. Something to be thankful for I guess….

    Gill, must find horse chestnuts. Had a tree at our last house but didn’t know they had valu – other than as conkers LOL